Governor Cuomo has mandated that only emergency Dental Treatment can be performed until further notice. Specifically, Orthodontic Treatment has been declared by the Governor to be nonemergency and nonessential.

As such, we have been forced to close until further notice. We will now handle emergencies on an individual basis by phone.

We have decided not to call patients regarding appointments already scheduled during this period because we do not know when we will be able to reschedule. Rest assured we will be doing everything within our capability to resume your treatment once the Governor gives us the green light.

Please check back here each week for updates. We will also be posting to on our Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) to help keep you informed.

FOR OUR PATIENTS IN BRACES: The appliances we are using for your treatment are very efficient Damon brackets, with super elastic wires that do not distort. Keep your braces clean and intact and they will continue to work for long periods of time. Hand hygiene is very much on people's minds. Try to think the same way about your braces. We will not be checking them in the next few weeks, so spend a little more time brushing and flossing.

FOR OUR INVISALIGN PATIENTS: This is very simple. Figure it may be a few months (to be safe) until we may see you. Do the math and make your aligners last longer. Instead of changing weekly, wear each aligner for two or three weeks. It will not harm your treatment, only help. If an attachment comes off, do not worry or call. We will deal with it when we get you in. If you are down to your last aligner, wear it only at night to hold where you are in treatment. Always remember to save your last aligner in case you lose or badly damage the one you are now wearing.

FOR OUR RETAINER PATIENTS: Wear your retainer, and quite simply, treat it like GOLD. The orthodontic labs have completely closed through this crisis, so we have no ability to replace or repair your retainer. Sorry, but this is totally out of our control.

Above all, stay safe and healthy so we will all come out of this together in one piece.
Please remember, if you have what you feel is a TRUE EMERGENCY, we can be reached at 315-264-3739.

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