Oral Hygiene

We strive to have ideal oral hygiene during treatment to insure the best possible outcome. If a concern regarding oral hygiene occurs we will communicate that to the responsible party. If multiple attempts are made to improve oral hygiene without success, we will recommend removal of appliances and discontinuing treatment to preserve dental health. Of course, we want straight and healthy teeth, but healthy teeth are more important than straight teeth.


Keeping scheduled appointments is important in order to have a predictable and timely outcome. If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment 24 hours notice is required. Multiple canceled appointments will lengthen treatment time. If a patient misses a scheduled appointment without notice it is considered a “no show” appointment. We are very aware that life is busy and that emergencies arise. If this occurs multiple times then treatment is not being monitored and removal of appliances will be recommended.

We ask that if you are running late for your appointment that you let us know so that we can either reschedule or find a better time if the time permits. If a patient arrives more than 10 minutes late we will need to reschedule the appointment and the appointment will be considered a “no show”. Treatment time will increase if this happens repeatedly and discontinuing treatment will be recommended due to not being able to monitor treatment.

Breakage or loss of appliances

No breakage or loss of appliances is our goal, however, we understand that things can happen. Excessive breakage of brackets and lost or damaged appliances is what we discourage so that treatment will progress as expected. More than 3 broken brackets or lost aligners would be considered excessive and a conference will be scheduled with a parent to discuss additional fees. We will communicate our concerns as soon as we see that a problem is starting to occur.

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